Church, blessings and greetings from East Germany. I am here with a church planter named Chris McGregor from Montreal. We are visiting our former assets and the seminary which sent them to us. We also met the East German church planting director who oversees the church plants we support.
God is moving in great ways as people are being saved and baptized. In this difficult place, the unstoppable church is moving forward. It is an honor to be here representing you in Jesus' Name.
Once again I am moved by the sacrifices of these young couples. It was an awesome privilege to coach, teach, help them with strategy, and pray for them.
Pray for us today as we are in Bautzen till Friday, meeting with the church and their leaders. Then we are off to Frankfurt to preach in the Move Church this weekend before we go to teach and preach Monday and Tuesday at the seminary. During that time we will also meet with the faculty and any key denominational leaders. Pray we are able to encourage the team and be a blessing to them. Pray for us to have wisdom and energy. Pray for Holy Spirit power and anointing. 
Thank you for standing with us. Your support in Going, Giving and Praying is changing the world.
Love you and see you next week at church.
In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,