Church, I pray that you are encouraged in Jesus today. As part of our SHAPE Bible reading and journaling today we read Psalm 104:1, “Let all that I am praise the LORD”. I stopped, rested and reflected on this verse. The question I asked Jesus to speak to me was, “How much of the “all” am I praising you with? And then “How can I give you more?” Jesus gently reminds me that I praise Him with integrity when I praise Him with the same passion whether I am alone or when I am with others. The Lord tells me that I am to praise Him with song, Bible reading, repentance, instant obedience, using my spiritual gifts, letting the fruit of the Holy Spirit grow in me, serving others, walking in humility, tithing, being generous, sharing my faith in God with others, etc.  
God is a loving Father and encourages His children. I feel the love of the Lord as He calls me to increase each of these areas of praise towards Him. He doesn't point out my faults and weaknesses. Know this Church, as you come to God and He searches your heart, it is to love you, bless you and to encourage you, not to condemn you. God calls you and me into a deeper love relationship with Him. You can trust God to lead you into more, not condemn you for doing less.  
I love you and I praise God we can serve Him together. I am so grateful to be part of such an awesome and encouraging church with all of you.  
In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,