Church, we are heading into summer where we will experience the heat again! As we do we will love drinking water and enjoying its refreshment. We need water to survive physically. We also need water to survive spiritually, the Water of Life - Jesus. 
This past week we have seen great miracles of new life in Jesus.
   •  223 decisions for Jesus in 13 prisons. 
   •  153 decisions for Jesus at the Gran Fiesta En La Valle. 
   •  Decisions for Jesus at the women's lunch today still being counted  
        and more tomorrow at the Civic/Business Leaders Lunch.
Keep praying for those coming on Saturday and Sunday to the Festival at the Save Mart Center.
I remember when I drank of the Water of Life - Jesus. Do you remember when you met Jesus as your Savior, the Leader of your life? Jesus is here, as the water of life, calling everyone to drink deeply of His presence and encounter salvation. Join me in praying for people to come and experience the Water of Life. Jesus is ready to meet each person's spiritual thirst.
In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,