Church, this week is Live The Mission week! I love to focus on missions around the world. To take time to hear from God about how much He loves the world, how He would have you give to support the saving of lost people around the world, and to how you are called to pray for our assets (workers) that we support around the world.   
We do Live The Mission for 4 main reasons:
1.  We do missions where worship of God is not happening.
There are people all around the world that do not know about Jesus.  We are compelled by the Holy Spirit to tell them. It is how we live out the heart of God for those created in His image who have not embraced the gift of salvation and repentance to be His sons and daughters. It is about people accepting the way to be made right with God through the cross, the sacrificial death of Jesus for us.
2.  We are Called to GO.
We need to GO. This weekend you will have a chance to hear about those who have GONE and to sign up to GO this summer. We are empowered by God through His Holy Spirit to GO next door and to the nations. 
3.  We are Challenged to GIVE.
People can’t GO if we don't GIVE. We are called to fund the work of spreading God’s love around the world. You and I are going to be challenged this weekend to fund God’s Great Commission to reach the world. It is a honor and privilege to GIVE to see the lost saved.  
4.  We are Empower to PRAY. 
As much as people can’t GO if we don't GIVE, they shouldn’t GO if we don’t PRAY. We are challenged and called to PRAY for those we love who are GOING. We love them through prayer, stand with them and support them.  
This Friday at 6:00 p.m. is our LIVE THE MISSION Banquet. There are only a few tickets left, you can get them online or by calling the office at 1-559-291-9199.
This Sunday is going to be exciting as ANDREW PALAU is going to be with us to share his story of how God saved him. It will be a great Sunday to bring your family and friends, especially those who are unchurched or have never met Jesus.  
Let’s come ready to worship and glorify Jesus. I look forward to seeing you! I love serving Jesus with you. 
In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,