Church, today is Ash Wednesday. We enjoyed a great service at noon.  Lent is a time to remember we are but dust - that we are mortal, that we will all die. As a sign of this truth, Ash Wednesday ashes are put on our forehead in the sign of the cross. The ashes remind us that we came from dust and to dust we will return and the cross reminds us that Jesus suffered and died to provide us a way to experience forgiveness for our sins. Lent is a time of preparation for Easter a time when we embrace the gift of repentance turning from our sins and turning to God.  
Lent is a time to celebrate Mark 1:15, “The Kingdom of God is near!  Repent of your sins and believe the Good News! It is good news that Jesus laid down his life for us, that can be “born again” and live in God’s Kingdom now and in all eternity.
Lent is also a time of fasting. It is a time when we give up an earthly feast for a heavenly feast. Scripture does not command Christians to fast. It is not something that God requires or demands of Christians. The purpose of fasting  is to:
  1. Take our eyes off the things of the world.  
  2. Focus our eyes on God.
  3. Make space for God in our daily lives to pray and meditate on the Lord Jesus Christ.
Therefore, I challenge you to fast. Ask that Lord what He would have you fast from during this season of Lent. The fast is for 40 of the 46 days between now and Easter. We will fast from March 1st to April 15th. The six days that we don’t fast is on Sundays. During Lent we don’t fast on the “day of the resurrection".  Each Sunday is a free day!. I will have some information for you this Sunday.  
This Sunday is going to be exciting. Let’s come ready to worship and glorify Jesus. I look forward to seeing you!  I love serving Jesus with you.
In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,