Church, I am sitting here reflecting on the blessings of Jesus in my life.  There are too many to mention them all here, but let me give you a few!
Jesus died for me and saved me from my sins. He changed the trajectory of my life from being hell bent to being heaven sent. 
I have a great family. I love them and they love me. Not something to be taken for granted.  
I love the Church. I love the specific Church we are in - Mountain View - and I love the Church in our city and our world. 
In all three of these areas I have made a decision to love, not to criticize.  Jesus is perfect, but doesn’t always do what I would do or treat me like I think He should. For example, He doesn’t always answer my prayers like I think He should (for which in hindsight I am grateful). My family and the Church are made up of real imperfect people, people like me.  
Therefore, let’s commit together to love people as we should, with grace, kindness, and mercy. As Jesus said, we should speak the truth, in love. As Jesus showed us and told us, we should love God and love others. Empowered by the Holy Spirit we can do this! 
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday! I love serving Jesus with you.
In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,