Church, Esther and I are back from Germany.  Esther was there for the birth of our granddaughter Charlotte Elizabeth Petersen.  Being a great mom and a baby nurse, she was a real blessing to Roxy and Tony.  I showed up unannounced 41 hours after Charlotte was born and surprised them all.  I love surprises!  What that means is I love surprising others.  It was such a blessing to be able to hold such a precious gift from God, and hug Roxy and Tony.  I was reminded again of the joy that comes from new life.  When a child is born there is great rejoicing.  
The rejoicing over new life is also true spiritually when a person is born again.  Salvation is a gift from God.  I am so grateful for my salvation and am praying for the salvation of others.  Join me tonight at church for the Palau training.  We are thrilled to be hosting an evangelism training event tonight at 6:30.  Come and join me and learn more about leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus.  Come and learn how to be a labor and delivery nurse to see people be born again!  This is a can’t miss event!  
I look forward to seeing you tonight and on Sunday!  I love serving Jesus with you. 
In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,