Church, I want to give you an update on a few amazing moments at Mountain View!  
God has blessed us with 100 people who have said yes to Jesus. It is so awesome and such a gift from God to see life change. I thank God for all He is doing.  
Our Sunnyside Campus is baptizing 5 people this Sunday. It is so encouraging and faith-building when people say yes to Jesus and then walk in obedience to baptism. My heart is overjoyed.
The apprentices, all 22 of them, are working hard as they run Block Parties, preach, teach, counsel, serve in worship, disciple, pray, etc. It is an awesome group.  
The summer Basic Training Triads are running great.  There are 16 groups where people are being discipled and equipped to more fully walk with and serve Jesus.  
The Block Parties are allowing us to meet lots of new people and share the love of Jesus with so many of our neighbors.
Treasure Hunting (where we ask God to give us clues as to who are the people He wants us to pray for - and then to go out and pray for the people that God has prepared) has been so faith-building. When God tells you where to go, what the person will be wearing, what their need is, and so forth, and then you go and find “the treasure”, your faith grows!
I am blessed that each one of you have been growing in Jesus as you come to church, get in a Life Group (check out this link for Life Group info), tithe, use your gifts, and through it all love others.  I bless you in Jesus name.
Church, I love serving Jesus with you. See you this Sunday.
In God's Grip and for God's Glory,