July 20, 2017

Church, what a great service this past weekend! I am still praising God for all the people who experienced His miraculous healing touch. God is so good and so loving. He is so gracious and compassionate to us...

July 13, 2017

Church, I am excited for this Sunday. I know that isn’t news - I am always excited for Sunday! This Sunday we will be encountering Jesus in two special ways. First, we will be commissioning Ken and Anna to take over at our Sunnyside campus as the new pastors...

July 6, 2017

Esther and I are back from Myanmar and Thailand. It is awesome and amazing to go see what God is doing around the world. It is also incredible to be back in America...

June 28, 2017

Church, greetings from Thailand. Esther and I have finished our work with the church plants in Myanmar among the Burmese people and are now preparing to meet with the Burmese migrant worker church plants in Thailand...

June 14, 2017

Today we read Luke 15 in our SHAPE Bible reading. This is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. I love the heart of God to find the lost. When you and I were lost, God reached out and found us. The love of God for us is seen in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The cross of Christ demonstrates the love of God.

June 7, 2017

I am sitting on a plane flying to some meetings. These are meetings to discuss Church Planting in North America. The group is called C2C. We are excited about what God is doing from “Sea to Sea” to expand His Kingdom on earth.

May 31, 2017

Church, this Sunday is Pentecost! It is the birthday of the Church. This will be a great Sunday as we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as recorded in Acts 2. Sunday we are coming together to glorify God and to pray and ask for a fresh outpouring of God’s presence upon us.

May 24, 2017

Church, I just got home from a few days with my parents. My dad is 87 and my mom is 85. It was awesome to see them, pray with them, be loved by them, and love them. They are about to celebrate 60 years of marriage. Sixty years is a long time.